New Play Mode Request

Hi, just got roon working and exploring its amazing capabilities. However, I’ve found that as I explore such as reading artist bios etc, when a song is done playing, roon does not automatically play the next track in the album. Is this a setting I can change?

I also find when when I select an album to play, but then pick a particular song, roon removes the album, and only plays the one song. This then requires the user to use the back key to get back to the album being played to select another song…very distracting and interrupts the browsing of other artists, etc.!


If you are starting playback by selecting a song from the track listing instead of the “play album” button, you need to right click the song and select “play from here”. Same goes for an album playing, if you want to jump to a certain track, but want to listen to the rest of the songs in order you need to do the right click “play from here” or use the track skip button.

great! thanks for the tip!

When you pick something to play, the top 2 buttons (Play Now, Start Radio) will clear the queue, whereas the bottom two (Add Next, Add To Queue) will add the new content to the queue.

Actually, is this functionality also available on the iPad app? Works on the PC, but can’t seem to find play from here on the iPad app.

I believe that the “play from here”, was added in the 2nd build of 1.1, the app is still the first build of 1.1, but I believe they have already submitted the second build to the app store and it’s just waiting for approval. I’m sure you will see the app store update available in the next couple days. Mike or one of the other Roon guys can correct me if I am wrong.

That’s good news if correct. I would very much appreciate when “play from here” is enabled in the iOS remote app.

The Play From Here feature was added for Build 55, which is not yet available on iOS. You can check what version you’re running from Settings > About.

Due to the App Store submission process, you can expect iOS to lag a week or two behind the other platforms, unfortunately.

Hello Mike,

Yes, of course, it’s there in Build 55. And your confirmation that it will eventually be added to my iOS rRA (roon Remote App) is comforting. I know how to be patient (smile).