New pricing model?

How about introduce new model in new major upgrade with different subscription models for more features? Revamping Roon features license like $59 per year with less features like no streaming to attract more customers. Or maybe give free access to very limited features. I think this will make more clients purchasing Roon.


Absolutely not interesting to us.

More interesting, but we aren’t there yet.

Actually, I am surprised there was just a price increase. I had thought that the option would just have been dropped, but, with the given grace period for recent Roon subscribers.

I would not be surprised if Lifetime eventually moved for a bit to only being available as an “add-on” with a Nucleus purchase, before going away completely.


Only a subscription based model will secure future Roon developments.
I had hoped the possibility of lifetime purchases is removed completely.


Like many things in life, you only get what you are willing to pay for. Roon does not have a hardware business to subsidize the software so it must be payed for directly. For the functionality provided, Roon is a bargain.


Maybe a black friday 499? Commoooonnn

I see. I understand about not wanting to limit user experience. I hope changes in Roon will work out.

Roon does not have a hardware business to subsidize the software…

Umh. Roon does have a hardware business. How big that is, as a percentage of their total revenues, is anyone’s guess. As a privately-held company, they don’t release that sort of information.

Hey danny. Will there be a day where you potentially cut off current lifetime users from future updates or functions, and make them resubscribe to an annual plan? Someone else mentioned it in a different threat that Adobe is doing it. Thx

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