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I have been using Roon hassle free for about a year. My core is on my Mac mini in my music room. When I am not listening, I usually quit Roon and relaunch it when I start a new session. I never had any issues doing this. Today when I relaunched Roon, instead of loading it have me a screen asking me to sign in. When I signed in, it said I was already signed in. Now it is giving me a screen that says “Choose your Roon Core”. It gives me a choice between “Find my Roon Core” and “Set up a Roon core on this Mac”

I have selected Find my Roon Core, but it says “looking for your Roon core” and is making no progress.

I am reluctant to select “Set up a Roon Core on this Mac” because that is where the Roon core has been all along. I am afraid about destroying Tags and other things I have created over the last year. (Yes I backed it up, but I would prefer not to have to deal with problems I might create). How do I get Roon running again on the Mac mini where it has been the whole time.

A known bug. Try this and then Unauthorize -

On another note -

Do you mean you shut down your Mac or just that you shut down Roon?

If the latter, then why?

Thank you,

I usually shut down Roon and leave the Mac mini running. I do this because it makes it easier to eject a hard drive I have connected to the Mac mini and I don’t like to leave the hard running when I am not listening. When I will be away for days, I usually shut down the Mac mini too. I’ve been doing this for a year with no issues before today.

If I select “Use this Mac”, is there any chance that I will lose all the tags I have created over the last year? That is my big fear.

Selecting ‘Use this Mac’ is the standard solution for the bug you’re encountering.

Here’s a blessing from Roon support -

You run Roon Backups, right? If not, then that should be the first thing you setup when you get Core back.


Yes I run backups. When I select “use this Mac” am I going to have run the backups or will the tags reappear as they were. (I have never had to use a backup for anything). Sorry to be dumb about this, but I am very afraid of losing Tags.

When you select ‘Use this Mac’, it will give you the option to ‘Unauthorize’.

Do that, then ‘Authorize’ the Mac for Core.

You don’t have to Restore anything. I just asked about Roon Backups as a precaution.

Hi @Jack_Cobetto,

Sorry for the trouble here. If your Core was previously set up with the “Use This Mac” option, everything should still be there once selected as long as the database files weren’t modified / deleted on your device. It should start up like normal.

If you do notice any issues, a restore of the backup should resolve things.

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