New QAcosutics Active range with Roon Ready

Always loved QAcoustics speakers really good value. They claim Roon Ready but will wait and see on that front. That aside very excited as I am looking next year to replace my current QAcoustics BT3 powered speakers for something properly active. Was thinking of Acoustic Energy AE1 activrs but these have peaked my interest.

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They do look interesting. Have got a pair of AE1s and am quite smitten but there’s virtually no concession to connection or convenience. The AE1s sound lovely though.

Active or passive ones? I like the fact I can use my RME as a preamp to them and connect via AES. These new QAcoustics can’t so would essentially be seperate zone and more expensive but having had this make before I know they are very good.

The actives, had them for 3 and a half years and still enjoy them.

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Had a proper look now and the QAcoustics do look interesting. The PRs in overdrive about the upscaling in places. I’d be interested to know what type of amplification they were using also. I couldn’t work that out from the page. Picking new gear is fun :slight_smile: