New QNAP Install - Can't Select Folder


I have just installed the RoonServer app on my QNAP NAS. When I open the application and click “Configure” the " Select your storage location" window pops open. However, when I click the “Database Location” or the “No folder selected” area’s nothing comes up. My understanding is that this should pop up my NAS folder structure to pick my database location.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a way to get around this? I have SSH access setup and am familiar with Linux should I need to modify some configuration files.

I very much appreciate the help with this.

Hi @Tyler_Mowbrey,
could you provide the url, you are using to access the administration of your QNAP?
Do you access it by local IP address, by a local domain name or from a domain over WAN (over Internet)?
It seems the QNAP API (to list your QNAP’s folder tree) can’t be called, but I am currently unsure why.

I’ll leave my url out of the reply but it’s similar to I have that with SSL redirecting through a reverse proxy back to my internal NAS.

I can access direct with the IP if that’s the appropriate solution.

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Just to update, direct access of the IP corrected the issue. I usually use the public domain to access my NAS so I’ll be interested to understand if that access is completely out as I use Roon.

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Thanks for the info.
Yes, I don’t need the actual domain name, just need an understanding how it had been accessed. I will try to look into it quickly. One more question though: What are you using for the Reverse Proxy (is a nginx reverse proxy config file used)? Is the reverse proxy set up on the qnap as well?

Using Traefik and its related config files.

It’s on the NAS as a docker container.