Looks like an interesting Roon Server, especially if it’s quiet and could remove the need for a streamer

CPU is only a Celeron, which is below Roon’s minimum spec.

If you look at the article is specifically mentions using it as a Roon server, so I assume it meets the specs…

“The TBS-453DX supports the Roon Server app in the QTS App Center and provides the performance and storage potential to optimize music streaming, providing the perfect choice for the optimum music experience!”

Yeah, the thing is, a Celeron doesn’t meet the spec.

Manufacturers can put whatever they want in their propaganda, and often do.


Sure, so it would be good for someone at Roon to comment as to it’s suitability, otherwise, they are promoting the possibility of a crappy Roon experience! @support

Roon isn’t promoting anything, unless it’s on their list of approved devices.

Really, it’s none of Roon’s concern, since they have already published their documentation on what they believe to be acceptable minimum specifications.

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I was referring to QNAP and the fact that if it’s not up to spec for Roon, then that could lead to a poor Roon experience, which I would think would be a Roon concern,

Roon recommend a minimum of an Intel i3 for the Core. In upsampling to DSD64, my Nucleus copes just fine, but the processing ratio in DSP drops to 3x.
I’m sure anything slower than an i3 would have serious problems upsampling in DSP.

Sounds like your assuming the user wants to upsample. I think it would be fine but basic playback only.

This NAS has approximately the same performance as the the others in the QNAP/Synology group for which @crieke created install routines for Roon. As long as one avoids too much DSP use they perform quite OK. The nice thing about the 453DX is It’s silent…

I have purchased the roon nucleus plus, love it!
I put a 2tb ssd in the nucleus plus for main storage streaming.
I purchased the-453dx 8g, with 2 Samsung 860 evo m.2
I am strictly using it for backup storage.
No problems at all. Quiet, and not slow as it is not the core.
I had meridian sooloos and twinstore, for ten years no issues until the last year.
Constant problems with the set up.
After reading all the problems on here with qnap being used as core. I thought don’t want that again.
No issue to me was worth it.
Great product but not as core because roon recommend i3 or higher for core.
By the nucleus plus first you won’t regret it.
I purchased nasbook a month ago for storage.
Absolutely no issues with 1.8 or storage

Even upsampling isn’t an issue. Running Roon here on a Synology 1517+ and it does just fine. The Roon specs are on the safe side and also refer to older i3 versions. Guess part of the truth is if one doesn’t have to manage huge local storages almost any Celeron will do. Throwing a high specked machine doesn’t get one a benefit from a certain point on. Worth trying - if it does not start sweating save your money.