New Queue options

I would like new queue options.


If you select multiple tracks and the click “Add Next” the tracks play in order, but I agree when using “Add Next” on individual tracks each new track added is inserted immediately after the current playing track (which is the expected behaviour).

I understand the premise of your proposed “queue next”, but the challenge is how would Roon know where in the existing queue to insert the track…

Precondition: queue is tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6 and track 1 is play.
Track A selected, “Add Next” or you the new “Queue Next” would insert track A between 1 and 2.

So now we have: 1,A,2,3,4,5,6

Assuming track 1 is still playing, if track B is now selected … how would Add Queue now to insert after track A?

I think the answer lies with Roon keeping track on what tracks have been added using “Queue Next” whilst the current track is playing.

When track1 finishes, Roon would reset and the reference track would now become the new current track.

Food for thought for the Roon team…

we’ve gone down this road before… it gets crazy

play now == insert after current thing in queue and jump to it
play interrupt == insert before current thing in queue and jump to it
play next == insert after current thing in queue
play soon == insert after current thing and also things “played next”
play later == i forget :slight_smile:
queue == insert at end of queue