New/Recommended/Top 20 Albums missing from TIDAL section of Roon [TIDAL API issue --- Resolved]

Hi @support

I have a strange one today, first time I have ever seen this but whenever I launch Roon on my Windows laptop or on my iPhone I see that the TIDAL albums section is empty;

The same is true for the New, Recommended and Top 20 categories and if I click the View All text I see this;

I have closed and re-opened Roon on both the laptop and the phone but that hasn’t made any difference.

Anyone else seen this?

I see it too. These things generally sort themselves out, but it’s nice to know it isn’t just you!

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Hi @Tim_Rhodes and @BrianW,

Thanks for the report, we are looking into this. Would you kindly confirm which region your TIDAL accounts are for?

Thanks for the quick response @dylan. My TIDAL account is a UK one.

EDIT: If it is of any consequence the TIDAL app is working fine on the same Windows laptop and iPhone.

Thanks for confirming, @Tim_Rhodes.

Upon further investigation, the TIDAL API is returning empty album lists for some regions. We expect this is something that should be resolved soon but we will keep you updated when we have more information.

Thanks for the confirmation, I will keep an eye on it!

And it is working again!

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Update — Looks like things should be working now.


I am UK too, and can confirm all OK now.

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