New Release anytime Roon?

It’s been months before any enhancements.

Alexa integration status?
Remote access status?
Updated UI interface, dropping this need for compatibility that is making Roon look old and tired.
Performance improvements
Simplified metadata editing
Improved Radio functionality
Improvements to track lyrics
Stability improvements for group play

Roon is looking like the typical corporate software company that releases software, then reduces operating expenses and focuses on revenue income.


With the recent request for internet radio curators, it seems plenty is going on behind the scenes and a major release is in the pipeline. I don’t think Roon is standing still…


What makes you think that’s even on the cards?

Making the current iteration work would be a start never mind ‘updates’.


It’s always a work in progress, I am very satisfied with it. Evolution not revolution is the way…
You have to update in order to fix things, you have to release things to find any issues and feedback and on and on…
Are you going to wait your whole lifetime for the ‘perfect’ product to be released? If so, you are in for a long wait lol


No, I just want Roon Radio to work with Classical Music


And in the thread you’ve been participating in, it’s been stated that the issue is being worked on. Some issues can prove knotty. A quick and dirty fix is not always the best approach…

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Show me a better software release record.


For over a month with no updates whatsoever and you think that is acceptable? As a fellow customer has said on the thread you are referring to, this is not a complaint about slow searches, it is about a core component of Roon software not working properly or at all.

I don’t want a ‘quick and dirty fix’ although it might be nice, just an update would do.

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Actually there have been updates but on the back end where a lot of the intelligence resides.

I would rather see a slower release schedule, gives them more chance to get it right without having to have constant patch releases to fix things.


Ask and you shall receive…9 updates since January 2019

Supports all filetypes: FLAC, Alac, Aac, Vorbis, Mp3, DSD etc

UPNP Playback

Airplay Playback

DSD Over PCM support, for non Direct-DSD compatible hardware

Integrated WebRadio directories

If a compatible wireless hardware is found, Volumio will create a hotspot network for first configuration

Mount CIFS and NFS Network Attached Storage, with an auto-discovery function

Custom playlist editing and creation

Plugin support with new functions available like Spotify and Digital Room Correction

Seamless update system: no need to reinstall when a new version is available

Multilanguage with a growing number of translations available

Image background support, even your favourite one

Alarm and sleep function

Alexa Integration


2.598 (26-07-2019)
Raspberry PI 4 support
New webradios facility
New Volumio3 UI
New REST API facility
Enable USB Hotplug

Fixed search bar on mobile

2.587 (15-06-2019)
Fix addition of Webradios, Playlists and Favourite Radios under some circumstances
Add Shoutcast to Webradios search Options

2.586 (04-06-2019)
Fix upnp stop when adding to queue
Fix Shairport buffer size for Primo
Fix Streaming Services availability under certain conditions

2.583 (02-06-2019)
Advanced settings mode selector
Added repeat single mode

Fix MyVolumio Login on page load

2.575 (24-04-2019)
Fixed TIDAL and QOBUZ Login under some circumsntances
Fixed CD Playback track ordering

2.572 (13-04-2019)
Fixed TIDAL and QOBUZ startup issue under some circumstances
Fix unset volatile for shairport

MyVolumio 30 days free trial
CD Playabck and Ripping on Virtuoso and Superstar Plans

WARNING!!! CD Playback is not working on Tinkerboard and Primo platforms. Do not connect a CD player to those systems. We’re working to solve it as soon as possible with a new release.

2.565 (13-03-2019)
Fixed goto for Streaming services
Fixed plugin uninstall
Fix next and previous in volatile state
Fix kHz notation
Removed backup REST endpoint
Deal with devices without a serviceList in UPNP
Notify when there are no results on search
Updated dutch translation
Added link to artist and album in track-info-bar
Improved stability of MyVolumio presence system

New US and Asia servers for MyVolumio remote connection

2.555 (18-02-2019)

Fix TIDAL Genres and Moods listing
Adding toastMessage when playlist is playing
Fix TIDAL and QOBUZ playlist not playing
Fixes Artist album listing number on QOBUZ
Improved usability of Wi-fi selector
Improved resiliency of MyVolumio remote tunnel connection
Improved handling of expired token on MyVolumio
Fixed Last 100 entries for UPNP, DLNA and QOBUZ
Fixed addition of DLNA entries in Playlist and Favourites
Avoid malformed track type on DLNA files
Fix seek position when changing Volume on TIDAL, QOBUZ and DLNA

Add selector for browse sources visibility
Exclude hidden folders from directory browsing
Adding mpd log to troubleshooting log

2.527 (12-01-2019)
Fix TIDAL playback when an undefined track is found
Fix regression of volume control
Fix bad visualization of TIDAL and QOBUZ albums

Add direct DSD Support to many USB DACs
Improved Russian and Chinese translations
Mpd 0.20.18 version


I tried Volumio on one of my pi’s recently. Ghastly experience overall and the touchscreen support is laughable.

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Releases have slowed down they were pretty much monthly with maybe a somewhat longer gap before a major release. Looking back at the software release notes it does indeed seem that there has never been as long a gap as this one between releases.

My suspicion is that the avalanche of negative comments to 1.6 have led the Roon team to rethink their strategy and be more cautious about new releases and also about incremental updates to some areas such as the the UI. (Part of the response to 1.6 complaints in this areas was that it was just a step on the way in this area.)

Seems like we will have to wait longer but hopefully when they come there will be bigger changes with fewer problems. Time will tell but meantime we will all have to be patient and I know how you all just love that! :exploding_head:

How about making the search actually work, and in a timely fashion?


Yep, I’m not particularly interested in listening to low res streams of someone else’s choice of music, possibly with adverts, I’d just like to listen to cd quality or better streams of music that I choose. And to do that I need a search that works.


Actually yes… I think that is acceptable.


Of course it is acceptable and even expected.


You have never been involved in software development, obviously.


I am not talking about ‘development‘, I am referring to part of the released product that does not work and has not now for a considerable length of time.

Perhaps I have not been clear, I don’t want a software update, I would like an update on progress on the specific fault I have raised.