New Release For You suggesting odd genres

Early on my “New Releases For You” section was good - it suggested some things that were definitely relevant and I could understand why they had been suggested.

Now, all my top 12 recommended releases are classical or musicals, and I’m getting more classical recommendations every week. Given that I have a library of ~2000 CDs with, at most, 5 classical albums, which are listened to very infrequently, this is obviously daft.

Is there any way of training the recommendations? I understand that “dismiss from this list” does nothing more than remove it from the list. I like the feature, and I’d like to keep using it, but the current recommendations just aren’t right.

Hi @Jamie_Tudor — Thanks for reaching out, the feedback is much appreciated!

I’d like to get your feedback over to the team and I was hoping that you could provide some additional information for when I get this over to them:

  1. The name of the profile that you use in Roon
  2. A screenshot of the Artists browser sorted by Most Played
  3. A screenshot of View All for New Releases For You
  4. A description of which picks from the screenshot are bad and why they are bad


Sure, screenshots attached.

All the most recent of the recommendations in the new releases screenshot (the top row) are classical. You can see from the artists most played screenshot that there are no classical artists there. I would generally expect to never be recommended classical music based upon the make-up of my library.

Not sure what you mean by your first question, the name of the profile.

Thanks, @Jamie_Tudor.

By this, I mean the Roon profile that you use. You can find this by clicking the Menu button to open up the menu and in the upper portion of the menu, it should display your name.

@Weirdomusic — I’d be happy to pass your feedback over to the team as well. Can you provide the same information mentioned above?

Same here. I occasionally listen to classical but not much recently (202 classical albums out of 3783 albums total). If I click ‘relevance’ I don’t get classical, but ‘newest’ is nothing but classical. At this point I pretty much consider the Overview page a joke and nothing but a waste of space.

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Ah okay - my profile name therefore is “Jamie”.

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I also have completely irrelevant New Releases suggestions. I listern 100% to Indian music genres but the suggestions are 100% western music.

My profile name is Imtihaz.


Thanks for the feedback, @Imtihaz_Hussein.

Would you kindly provide some of the other information above so I can get this feedback to the team as well?


I’m getting a lot of classical recommendations also, and I’m not listening classical at all.

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