New release increased volume?

Hey, with the new release, my music is playing significantly louder. Is the release itself the possible cause our should I look elsewhere? Just wondering if any has any insight on this. Thanks.

Only thing I can think of off hand, did you have any DSP active before the update? I had some quirkiness with one of my zones that disappeared. When I re-enabled it my convolution filters were gone and had to be re-applied.

I have the dsp disabled.

How about volume leveling?

Hmmm, I am now using volume leveling to attenuate the volume, but would prefer not to.

I wonder if it could be my amp (Ayre AX-5/20). At one point yesterday, the volume would not increase or decrease when I turned the volume knob (numbers on screen changed, but volume did not). I turned it on and off and the volume worked again but was super loud.

That said, the issue of he volume being far louder started right after I did the update.

Any additional feedback is appreciated.

You’re leaving everybody completely in the dark about any further system details, from ISP socket on to your integrated including setup details, but I’d wager to postulate that it’s been a coincidence that the update came at the same time as your integrated slowly failing to do it’s job…

The reason I am posting this is to detmeurine if it is a coincidence.

My system streams local files and Tidal with Roon. Roon runs on a Small Green Computers Sonictransorter, Ethernet is converted to Usb by a Sonore Optical Signature Rendu, which streams to my Lampizator Atlantic TRP dac and then into the Ayre, which powers Spatial Lumina L2s.

I do not know what an ISP socket is.

I have reduced gain with Volume leveling on Roon, but would prefer not to do that long-term.




OK, but ISP “Socket”?

My provider is Centurylink.

Never mind!

Your system uses the internet, so what modem/router/switch and which connection methods/cable brands are you using?
Any firewall or other security related settings there?
Were there firmware updates also within the same time frame, and what’s their version numbers?
Any other gimmicks like purifiers or whatever?

It would also be good to know the exact model of sonic transporter, software version, whatever (I don’t have such a machine).
There must be a web administration interface for that thing - did you check it out, what are it’s settings, could they have changed?

I know, these things seem to be irrelevant, but include everything that has to do with your set-up just to be complete.

I still think, it’s your Ayre’s Variable Gain Transimpedance volume circuit at fault here.

Did your problem cure itself, or are you silently suffering still?
Give some feedback please!