New release on Qobuz not found on Roon

The following title:

Is shown in the new releases section on the Qobuz app but I could not find it either in the new releases section on Roon (which is usually one-to-one as the Qobuz app), nor did it come up using the Roon search.

Please help.

It takes a few days sometimes for roon to get updates from tidal and Qobuz

Thanks, but the case here is that all the other listed new releases are showing on Roon, just this title is missing…

Similar case I opened earlier today with The Stooges 50th anniversary remaster.

We’re looking into this guys. Cc: @dylan

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It’s there now:

Yep. Saw it suddenly appear this afternoon. Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, Qobuz assured us that it should appear yesterday. There are still some album appearance issues that we are working with them on.

@joel - Title now appears on Roon (search and new releases).
Thanks a lot!

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