New releases for you is 'stuck'

Roon’s “New Releases for you” does not update. It’s stuck showing me albums from January and December. New releases come out every week. How to update with newer albums?

I have to sometimes shut down my roon client then restart it to get them to update.
No clue if it would help, just an observation I’ve made.

Thanks. I’ve restarted the core and the clients, but no change.

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If it’s pulling from Tidal, I’ve occasionally noticed a lag from :heart: in Tidal to it appearing in Roon

A log out/in to Tidal within Roon fixes it - maybe try that or similar?

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What is the Sort By set to? Relevance or Newest?


Bingo! Thanks @Mike_LC !

I had to click “More”, then change from “Relevance” to "Newest’. Now I see the first two releases dated April and March, in the future! But, most are now recent ones. When I return to Home, it appears the new releases are now sorted by date. Thank you.

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