'new releases for you' not in sync on core/remote (Mac/iPad)

Core Machine

iMac 27" 2019, 3.7ghz i5, 8gb RAM.

Network Details

Everything is ethernet connected, except the iPad remote.

Audio Devices


Description of Issue

the ‘new releases for you’ tab is not in sync on my core and remote (iMac and iPad). on my core it updates slowly, can’t exactly tell but no more than once a month I guess. On my iPad it updates more frequently and shows more different suggestions.

I’ve added 2 screenshots taken at the same time. One of my iMac (core) and one of my iPad (remote) to show what I mean:



Hi @Percival

Are you using the same Profile on both the iPad and iMac?

If you click More do both have the same sort settings?

Hi @Dylan that was something I had overlooked. The ‘sort by’ settings were the solution to this. So, solved!

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