New releases for you - possible to remove?

I was never the biggest fan of the ‘new releases for you’ section in previous Roon versions. However, it was fairly easy to ignore - until now, when it is given top billing under the ‘Hi’ banner and the latest library activity.

I am not interested in scrolling through lists of what immediately looks like a whole bunch of Tidal and Qobuz items I have zero interest in. On the iPad app, it is way too in my face. Can I get rid of this section or at least demote it similar to how it was in 1.7?

Thanks :pray:

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I would suggest making this a Feature Request. I can move it over to that section.

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Thanks. It would be far better to be able to reorder the sections on the landing page - otherwise it’s not my preferences, but someone else’s.


I agree. Somewhere around the forums, I had asked for this using the functionality found on the Now Playing Screen. Ability to turn sections on/off and also to put them into the viewing order of my preference.


Thanks for moving this over to feature requests Daniel. Much appreciated.

I find the whole Home page worthless and have a bookmark for my default album view easily accessible (except on iPhone where the bookmark button is now completely at odds with all other platforms). 1/3 to 1/4 of the space telling me hello is one of the most worthless things any software has ever done for me.

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