New Releases for You (Roon 1.7)

I really like the new feature to discover new albums. But how is it intended to use? I can add albums to my library but how do I remove stuff from the recommendations that I don’t like? The contextual menu is missing such an option and when I show all recommendations there seems to be not contextual menu for the albums.

By the way on iPhone 11 there is a big: I only can open the context menu on the left album. Tapping the three dots on the right album will swipe to the next two albums.

And as many suggested artists are unknown to me I would like to see the genre – at least in the contextual menu.

Mine is Android but I’m sure it’s similar. Select then three dot menu.

Oh thanks. That’s complicated, but good to see that the feature is already there. It should be added to the contextual menu for the albums in the new releases area of the discovery area and also in the menu inside the album view. So I can directly remove albums so don’t like. It would also be great to let me remove artists completely for the suggestions. I have some albums from artists I don’t like but are a must for having a party.

Complicated? Put your ideas in the new feature request(s) area.

I am missing something.

I upgraded to 1.7 but I cannot find the option for “new Releases for you”. Both in the Mac interface and the iPhone App.

Where can I find that option?

In Discover, but you do need a Tidal or Qobuz subscription.

Thanks, found it. It is a little discrete.

I cannot find it. Could you give me a hint?

It’s in Discover

Strangely sometimes it’s there sometimes not…
Will open a topic.

Does any one know how often the new “release for you” will update with new content? Mine is still the same since the upgrade…


fwiw on my Mac it appears in “Overview”, not “Discover”