New Releases for You - sort suggestions


Loving what I see on 1.7, a big thank you from me to everyone involved!

“New Releases for You” is cool, I for one would love to be able to sort so that relevant (AllMusic) “Picks” come up first:


To add to that it would be great if I could sort by relevant “in library”, ideally here it would show artists that I have lots of albums from first.

So maybe I’m asking for a dropdown box to the right of the Sort dropdown that fine tunes the relevance.

“New Releases for You” is showing me “Proze 1” by “Travis, Mia” second on the list, which is very left field, it would be good if when I clicked on this it showed me roughly why it picked this and maybe gave me options to correct it. My guess with this is that it’s getting its Travis mixed up (seems to be a common mistake) as I like Travis the band but not Travis the individual artist, indeed if I click on the “Travis” artist link in “Proze 1” it takes me to Fran Healy’s (the lead singer from Travis the Scottish band) mug.

Fingers crossed the focus for 1.8 is a nice solution to listening to Roon when I’m not at home :slight_smile:



What do you mean by relevant our picks?

Thanks @ged_hickman1 Picks, maybe it’s actually called Album Picks:

I’d forgotten about that, don’t remember seeing them lately.
Would a new release get an our pick straight away? Don’t know how one would find out.

I would be happy for “New Releases for You” to be up to a year old, actually a cool feature would be to be able to select your definition of “New” in Settings.

Sounds like an item for New Feature Requests.

I think its there, just left of the star rating (see Magdalene). I also see it for a few other albums rated highly by Qobuz. You need to be in view all mode.

You just can’t sort by them.

I think the OP means a selector for how new “new” should be.

Wouldn’t that be sort by time?
But I understand the Feature Request. A Request is as request (unless it is fulfilled already). If people want to sort this, so be it.
edit: or maybe just how far back you go. That I understand…

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The edit idea.

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