New releases for you underwhelming

Hi long time roon user here,
I was pretty hyped about the Valence announcement but in regard to the “new releases for you” this feature simply doesn’t work for me. The recommendations stay much too long “pinned” on the start home screen.

E.g. I have to look at the Temptations and Cäthe for many many weeks now even though i have zero interest. It almost becomes infuriating.

I sub Tidal and Qobuz and I also heart and rate my favorites in Roon exhaustively. I’m at a point where I look for new recommendations in the Tidal and Qobuz client because these client make a much better job. Even though Roon is supposed to take over this job.

So the new releases feature needs some tuning.


  • Add a checkmark button to new release tiles or even better: thumbs up/down to train the recommendation engine
  • Simply update the recommendations more often with new stuff

I agree. Last night I managed to remove the stale list of suggestions by long pressing and selecting ‘remove’. I don’t have access at this moment, but I hope for new content in that pane as a consequence of removing the existing ones.


Oh my, thanks I wasn’t aware that these tiles can be selected and removed. Let’s check and see when and if it updates.

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There’s a ‘more’ button that takes the view to a full screen vertical list. I have 145 albums in that list, and I’ll admit I hadn’t explored much of it. Removing some of the top helps see fresh content. But I favor your suggestion with a simple check to free slots at the top.

I’m a new user, so I don’t have any experience with how fast the content gets refreshed. I guess it has to do with the size of your library and whether there’s any new releases from relevant artists.