New releases on Qobuz (via Roon UI) very often incomplete and don't even show up in Roon library after selecting those as a favorite in Qobuz app

Hi team Roon,

there are some small issues with 1.8 for me but overall I really like the new release. Also works snappier here, so I think I can live with the purple (which I really do not like). :slight_smile:

@support :

Here is a problem I am repeatedly having with Qobuz integration. When selecting Qobuz in Roon UI the new releases which are shown are very often incomplete, when compared to new releases in Qobuz App. OK, normally there is a workaround: add the new release as a favorite in Qobuz App, then refresh Qobuz library in Roon settings…

The problem is: the aforementioned record does not even appear in Roon when I perform the workaround. So somehow Roon does not see this record AT ALL, I can’t find it in Roon’s Qobuz integration and even when I add it as a favorite in Qobuz, it does not show up in Roon library.

This has happened several times already but I have been too lazy to report this behavior, so far.

What can I, what can we do?

None of the threads you mentioned take care of all the things I mentioned here.

Part 1: missing new releases

Part 2: that release not even showing up in Roon when I add it to my favorites in Qobuz app and refresh my Qobuz favorites in Roon.

Hi @itzlbritzl

Can you share some screenshots of the album you’re seeing in Qobuz but not in Roon? I want to take a look at a specific example of this.


This is the album.

And here is what happened:

  • the album was not visible in Roon when browsing Qobuz new releases.
  • even when I added it as a favorite in Qobuz app an refreshed library in Roon’s Qobuz setting, the album still was not visible.
  • But then I found the album when browsing the discrograhy of all the part-taking artists. This was when I could finally add the album to my library.

But the odd beviour remains the album not being shown in new releases and not showing up in Roon’s favorites even when adding it as a favorite in Qobuz App and refreshing in Roon.

@dylan … looks very much like the same thing as this …

It’s the same on Tidal to certain extent. Most releases are known quite a bit in advance and so Qobuz/Tidal have there dB dumps for Roon ready to go Thursday or it might be earlier in the week so that they can have instant release on Friday in respected countrys.

However If the record company drops a release after this has been prepped and sent to Roon which happens then Roon will be missing this release until the next batch of updates are sent from Qobuz.
Tidal seem better at this than Qobuz.

It’s because of the Roon architecture that this is an issue they need full dB dumps. All other apps rely on API so the library it shows is in sync all the time to respected services but then you don’t get the deep integration Roon does with just the API. Roon kind of needs to come up with a solution to make it easier and quicker for services to provide these updates in the mean time it can be a few hours to a few days.

Also Qobuz tends to have albums in its library before they are fully released so you have two or three tracks that where released a single. Due to the lag of the releases this then affects these as they won’t refresh fully until Roon gets the data.

If Roon has not been given the release in its dB from Qobuz no amount of adding it in Qobuz app will do anything as to Roon it doesn’t exist.

In the cases I mention, this happened after the official release date - not talking about previously released single tracks. And often the albums which are not shown in new releases can be found when you browse all part-taking artists’ discographies. Very odd.

Not all Qobuz new releases show up in their new release page in their own app either, many I have to search for. There is some delay with Qobuz though to Roon but as I said most of this is down to them not giving the updates to Roon and it takes time. Doesn’t matter if its on release day or after.

But I have had issues with albums not playing recently that have been added.

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