New ROCK Install NAS Question + WiFi

Hello…first post on the forum. I had been running Roon using my MBP16 as the Core and last weekend I decided to do a ROCK installation on a Gen 8 Intel NUC.

Last night, I followed the tutorial and everything went much smoother than expected. I was up and running in under an hour with NO hiccups. The system is stable and very fast. I just have a couple of small and probably silly/easy questions that I am looking to have answered:

  1. I want to set up scheduled backups. What file path should I use? Ideally, I would love for the backups to be stored on my MacBook Pro, but I am not sure how to “point” the ROCK server back to my MBP.

When I try to set up backups, it prompts me to “Choose Folder to Backup to” and I don’t know how to “Add a Network Share” that points the file path back to the hard drive on my MBP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I am sure this question is the silliest of all, but I am going to re-case the NUC this weekend in an Akasa fanless enclosure and I am wondering about the WiFi rabbit tails and antenna.

All of my “endpoints” at the moment are Sonos speakers, except for my headphone rig which is running from a Chord Hugo TT2 connected to my MBP. I currently have a Sonos Bridge. Are the Sonos speakers connecting to the NUC via WiFi OR is the NUC simply sending the info to my router through the ethernet cable and then the router is “distributing” the music to my Sonos system?

My hunch is that the NUC does NOT need to have WiFi enabled because I never set up any WiFi on the NUC prior to installation. Therefore, I should not need to worry about adding the rabbit tails and WiFi antennas to the new Akasa case, but I just wanted to double-check since everything is running so smoothly at the moment.

Thanks so much for your help! LOVING Roon so far!

Use Ethernet from the NUC to the router then the router takes care of the WiFi communication.

For backups I have a usb attached SSD. Did not want to worry about the network share setup or keeping another machine up for the backups to run. Someone should chime in with the info you need for that.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks for the help…I appreciate it. So, when I transfer my music library to an SSD and hook to NUC, I can just perform the backups there…great. I am just streaming Tidal HiFi now. Also, it sounds like I will not need to use the WiFi on the NUC, which is great. Thanks

You can add a SATA SSD in your NUC for your music in addition to the M.2 SSD for the Roon OS and database. Then used an attached USB for the backups. You would not be able to use the internal SATA drive for backups.

You could use an inexpensive, unobtrusive and fast USB key like this for backups.

SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1…