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I just recently set up ROCK on my NUC everything is running perfectly but for about a week now I have the purple spinning wheel with 403 tracks and 0 identified my library is 30,000 tracks anyone have an idea

Just what already is written and readable on your screenshot following the red encircled exclamation mark. More tips can be found here:

Is there also no progress scanning your library? 9513 out of 33966 for over a week?

Adding to @BlackJack suggestions;
This is a common issue for me, as i run several Roon Cores on one license. This happens periodically to Core that is no longer granted a license, or when a Core starts up and your single license is granted to another Core associated to your account.

Give this a try:

  1. go to settings, general
  2. disconnect from your current core
  3. on the “select Core screen” choose Log out (top left)
  4. restart your Roon Server and also your Controller.
  5. You will be presented with a Log In screen on next startup of the controller, log into your Roon account.
  6. deactivate any other Core if suggested.

You should be good to go from here?

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Thank you Black Jack as per usual your help is in valuable and as you can see the issue has been resolved. What lovely bunch of people we have on this forum all the best

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Hi Mikael me again thank you my friend, using both Black Jacks and your suggestions the issue is resolved once again premium help from premium people. I will try not to bother you too much :grinning:


The good old „restart trick“ most of the time works wonders :slight_smile:

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