New ROCK: some questions

Just went from a Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK (W10) to a NUC8i7BEH2 with the recommended RAM and SSD. The process of moving was not quite as simple as I expected, but I managed. I am very happy! It is much smoother and quicker. Quite apart from ROCK’s superiority, probably the Skull Canyon was sub-optimally set-up anyway…

A few questions:

  1. I transferred across my external USB storage. Roon sees it fine, but ROCK has given each disc a new, extremely long name, which does or doesn’t relate to the old name. Roon sometimes displays these long names and sometimes the old names, weirdly. Can I just change them from the guest share mounted on my Mac?

  2. Is it really possible to blow away my whole database with one press of a button on the ROCK web interface?..

  3. I am having Error -36 and others when trying to transfer data onto the disc. What is this?

  4. Roon doesn’t instantly pick up metadata changes made on the Mac guest share. Is that expected?

  5. Where can I see the total contents and free space of each individual storage disc?


The volume name is embedded in there. This crazy name is to avoid problems with MUSIC and MUSIC (1) type stuff. Where are you seeing these names in Roon?


no, there is a confirmation popup.

On MacOS? That just means it cant write… what is your external USB drive formatted as? ROCK does not support writing to HFS+.

yah, watching for files over SMB is not realtime.

where are your drives attached? I only see 1 drive in the description above.

On the Settings/Storage page:

…and every time I import new files into Roon they’re in my Finder.

Sad face.

OK this is probably more complicated than I made out. I am talking about my two main drives, connected to the ROCK NUC by USB.

  1. Both were working fine at the start: would take data and changes when mounted with SMB on my Mac. It seemed totally without problems.
  2. I started a Sooloos native export from my W10 Skull Canyon onto one of them over the network. I also mounted the drives on the W10 machine so that I could access them from my second Roon Core which is on that second machine. (Can’t recall order of events.)
  3. Since then I have these problems. They appear only on one disc, but that is anyway the disc I would move stuff onto. Could be the two are formatted differently: ExFAT for one and NTFS for the other, if I recall correctly.
  4. I tried stopping the export, dismounting the drives from W10, even turning off the W10 machine, but nothing has helped. (Each time I rebooted the ROCK NUC.)

Just to check we are talking about the same thing: ROCK NUC with USB drives directly attached - I mount those drives on my Mac with user Guest - I change metadata on those mounted drives using Metadatics. Roon on the ROCK doesn’t detect the changes instantly. Am I just impatient? (I haven’t timed it - went straight to force rescan when changes didn’t appear in the usual (IME) timeframe.

There are currently 4 USB drives plugged into the ROCK NUC directly. Those are the ones I am asking about.

The one drive which is clearly misbehaving I moved back to the Skull Canyon. It is formatted as ExFAT. Surprisingly Windows says “The drive is write protected” despite the drive having no such physical switch.

I’ve done a basic check and repair errors and am now leaving it trying to use that disc for a bit.