New ROCKer's question (NAS: to sleep or not to sleep)

just migrated my Roon Core from a dedicated Mac Mini to a Cirrus7 Media Edition (NUC8i7BEH inside) and… WOW is all I can say :slight_smile:

  • my music collection is on a NAS (Qnap HS-251+) set to sleep every night
  • the Mac Mini was set to auto-turn off a few minutes afterwards
  • ROCK, instead, will be always on (can’t see any setting for auto-sleep :no_mouth: )

will ROCK auto-remount NAS’ share, the following day when I wake it from sleep, or should I better leave the NAS too always on? (the HS-251+ is fanless and heats up “quite a bit” so I’d really prefer sleeping it)


It will prevent the NAS from going to sleep.

Also, don’t sleep your NAS. Much better for the drives to leave them running 24x7.

… even with a NAS that runs them at 55°+? :no_mouth:

I do not think so. mine go to sleep …

I’m sure mine will too, as per “Power Schedule”
(disabled, in the while, waiting for an answer :wink: )

Your ROCK auto-remount NAS’ share, all bee ok

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ok, I’m re-enabling NAS’ power schedule :wink:

thank you :slight_smile:

If by sleep we mean that the NAS powers off during the quiet hours and comes back on in the morning, I did that without consequence when I ran a ReadyNAS. I haven’t bothered with my Buffalo NAS. But when on, Roon keeps the disks available and some complain they then won’t spin down and become inactive.