New Roon can’t identify Korg DAC

Why I see the default icon in signal path instead of my Korg DS-DAC-10R?

You wrote here: 6 that this dac is Roon-tested.

Roon sees this dac as “KORG 2ch 1 bit audio device” wihout icon and now in new Roon version I can’t identify my dac.

Hello @Mochino,

Not all of the Roon Tested devices are in our new identification engine yet. We hope to have them all included soon! Until then, you can be satisfied knowing that the performance and behavior of your device is exactly the same as it was in the last release.


I encounter the same problem. I cannot see my korg dac (DS-DAC-10R). However, roonlab claimed that it is a roon-tested device. How can I fix the problem ?

Hello @wai_kwong_yip,

The Korg DS-DAC-10R is a Roon Tested device, even if it hasn’t yet been aded to our device identification engine.

Are you having trouble getting the Korg DAC to be seen by Roon as a playback zone? Or was your question about having the customized device icon?


Roon cannot detect my korg dac and also cannot be seen in play back zone. Thx

Hi all,

My DS-DAC-10R is seen by ROON as ALSA (With Latest ROON Software release - 1.7 Build 521).

But don’t Worry there is no negative impact, even KORG is not within the proposed List as supposed recognized Partner for the NUCLEUS, It works. And In Addition I can Apply DSP correction options.

I Get very good Sound Quality from That DAC feeded by The NUCLEUS using an USB attachment :slight_smile: Good surprise.