New Roon Core Tagging/Genre Issues

Hi (frustrated user here),

Roon Core Machine

Intel i7 12th Gen, 16gb ram, 512 ssd

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

82,327 (so far)

Description of Issue


I’ve spent the weekend changing my core to a new laptop. Naturally Roon spent all weekend updating my library to the new Core & I fear for some reason it is now using Roon generated tags not my own that I’ve always used within Roon. My files are tagged correctly, but surely I’m not expected to ‘tell’ Roon I use my own tags for each album (6780)?

My #1 genre is now Pop/Rock (1 tag) & I don’t believe I’d previously of had even one album under such a genre. Prior my #1 genre was ‘Aus’ (if I recall correctly), now I have none within that genre.

I suspect there’s a simple one button fix to this, but I can’t see it anywhere. :thinking:

And I should make it clear, just like most who write in support my entire world is falling in around me as the music is super crucial in my life due in part to Roon, which is not performing in the same manner it has over the past number of years.

Your help is most appreciated.

Thank you!

Probably you need this library setting, maybe others in the same location:

(If you performed a backup on the old Core and restored from this backup on the new Core, I would have thought that this and other settings would be transferred automatically. Did you make & restore a backup?)

Thank you,

I totally overlooked import settings (although I was in settings)…it’s been a number of years since I’ve looked. It’s been a set & forget part of Roon for me.

Appreciated. :beers:

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