New Roon Customer Questions

Hello Everyone, went from Tidal to Qobuz and followed the rabbit hole into Roon. Have seven days left on my trial before my annual subscription kicks in.

I think I killed my Bluesound Pulse 2i and Sub during my device settings efforts. Going to factory reset them both shortly. Is there something I should be avoiding?

Was initially running a basic Roon App/Core on my Mac Studio, but now it’s purely a Remote along with Remotes on my iPad and iPhone.

Considered Options for the permanent Core:

  • The Nucleus is an impressive device, but too much money.
  • I already have an Intel NUC8H but already use it for Win11Pro and a couple programs; it too is a useful device but isn’t fanless. Realize Intel thought it made a good IoT device, but not for 24x7 high-cpu use cases. Sure there are inexpensive modern NUCs, but by the time I got to a I7 device with extra drive it wouldn’t be efficient.
  • Fanless PCs were an alternative. I know Linux and figured I could make ROCK work with a NUC-like Fanless device. However, worthwhile device options were expensive. Might as well go with a Nucleus and spare yourself the trouble.
  • Thought about a Raspberry Pi 4, know that as well, but even with the new 5 model coming it still wouldn’t be the best CPU option.

So I picked up a base M2 Mac Mini with 256G SSD and 8G RAM, along with a Samsung 980 NVMe 1TB stick and USB-C Enclosure. Initially connected to my TV with extra keyboard/mouse to update it, delete the unnecessary apps, disable WiFi and other configs. After some test reboots I removed the HDMI, Mouse, and Keyboard and tucked it away in my cabinet. Then accessed it remotely from my primary Mac Studio to finish configuring and installed Roon Core Server. After a couple more reboots with the Core running I pointed the Roon Remote Clients to it. Doing this option likely isn’t the cleanest way to run Roon Core, but an M2 CPU is hard to beat for the money and power efficiency - and was pleasantly surprised to see that the Core Server can be set to utilize all of the CPU cores.

The setup was a bit busy at first, but now both Mini and NVMe are running very cool and silent. I’ve been listening to music for hours over my SONOS speakers. Likely will have the Bluesound speakers back up and running this afternoon, they were working before in my test environment, and as I said initially I’m thinking my config changes froze them up and that a factory reset should get them running again. Let me know what config changes I should do on a Pulse 2i+Wireless Sub.

Thanks for all you do!

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Welcome to the forum, Shawn! Sounds like you have it all figured out. Enjoy the music!

That is Background audio analysis speed only. It does not affect Roon overall operation.


The Bluesound Pulse 2i and Wireless Sub are back up and running. Think it was best to rest the audio settings to default the Bluesound App, and let Roon manage the sound settings, but will give it some time. Sounds great right now.

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