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I purchased a new Rockna Wavedream to use for my core nucleus. Initially it worked great, but I lost some of my music. I then used a previous backup and after restoring it, everything seems really goofed up. I cannot find my music, I cannot find most of the audio players, etc. I think that the entire installation needs to be deleted and restarted, but using your support site I am having trouble figuring out how to do that.

Your device advertised as a Roon Server, but I don’t see it on the partner’s list.

Perhaps a machine doesn’t have to be a partner to be allowed to run Core, but if it’s under spec you’ll run into problems.

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What Roon Build is on the machine? It sounds like it might be very old.

Can you explain more about this? It’s a bit weird: I found a review saying that this runs Roon, but that they don’t have a partnership. However, on the product web page there is no word about Roon:

Rockna Wavedream

You’re are linking to the DAC. They make a server with the same name. You can download the manual, which talks about Roon.

Yeah, they are not a partner, but I don’t think that’s necessary to act as a Core.

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Ah I see, thanks. That’s the one
Not much that would help here

@Craig_Norris Did you try contacting Rockna? If they sell it with the explicit promise of running Roon, they should be the first support contact, methinks.

Are they selling this with Roon installed or did you have to do it yourself?

Agreed. I doubt that Roon @support will have much to say about this.

I had forgotten to look into the manual and now did so. Based on this, it looks like Roon comes preinstalled in the firmware. (I can’t download the firmware (in the hope for more info) because I don’t want to register). If true, Rockna are the only ones who can (and should) help with this.

(I don’t know about the license legalities with what they are doing, but some fanless NUC sellers certainly got into hot water for preinstalling ROCK)

Thank you for your responses. After a lot of effort and do-overs, I finally got everything working again. And yes,Rockna does run Roon. Thanks again, Craig

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