New Roon Nucleus Install and Backup

Hi! I just took delivery of a new Nucleus with a TB of internal storage. Prior to this I was running Roon from a new Macbook Air. I backed up my Roon database from the Macbook Air to an external HD.

While setting up the new Nucleus I didn’t follow instructions well and the first time I logged in, instead of restoring from backup. Once I properly read the instructions I went back disabled the Core on Nucleus and then restarted. This time when prompted to login, I was able to select the restore from backup option.

Now, when I go to backup the DB on the Nucleus I only get an option of a file that was on the external HD I used. It does not seem to want to allow me to use the internal storage on the Nucleus. So, how do I get this configured correctly, so that the DB is stored and I can back in up internally on the Nucleus?

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