New Roon Ready hardware being evaluated list?

Hi, is there a place where is listed the new hardware being evaluated to become “Roon Ready” and possibly a progress status ?


No, there’s not, and I doubt this will happen.

This would be a good idea for two reasons:

  1. Prospective buyers could track certification ETA/progress for the product they wish to purchase.
  2. Owners can track certification ETA/progress for a product they already own.

This could be a bad idea for one main reason: NEVER buy on a promise :slight_smile:




OT: “I survived the UK heatwave - July 19, 2022” - love it, lol, but it ain’t over till it’s over :wink:

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Nearly there Mike :rofl: Back to normal in 3, 2, …

Welcome to our world.

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This ours:

Last (almost) 48 have been pure comedy. The UK is not built for such temperatures.

Schools shut, at least two airports suspended flights due to runways “melting”, constant advise not to travel and try to work from home due to potential “danger to life”, wildfires… oh and have I already mentioned it was only going to last 48 hours? :joy:


The UK is not built for hot summers or cold winters.
Snow at any time, to much sunshine, the wrong leaves on the railway tracks. What have I missed?

How far we have fallen from grace and too think we used to run a large part of the world :crazy_face:

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Brunel built England, and England built the world. When did it all go wrong? :joy: I’m still impressed how they’re pinning this heatwave on Boris.

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Mike I’m glad you get it :joy:

Boris is in the camp of better a deal with the devil than the EU, so is probably guilty of something. Follow the money I would say :grin:

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British Rail once used the excuse of the “Wrong type of snow” :rofl:

At least we have one room with air con so we can sleep at night , 34 is quite normal in our summer. The Kruger Park often gets to 38-40, not to mention places like the Northern Cape in the early 40’s !!

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The problem with Aircon in the UK is that especially commercial stuff is often rated only for outside temps up to 37 degrees. So oracle and Google had data center shut downs.

You have to be careful buying fridges here , you need the T - Tropical versions or they don’t get low enough !!

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