New Roon ROCK, problem with backup import

I want migrate my Roon Server from my Synology NAS to a Roon ROCK installation. Installing the System was easy and went well.
Now i try to import the backup from my old setup. I am following the knowledge article: Migrating To ROCK
on the login screen i choose “Restore A Backup” in the lower-left hand corner. Then i can navigate to the backup folder. There is always a message about an empty folder. But when i navigate to this folder with my Windows machine i can see the backups. Anyway i try it with the empty folder but roon never finished the task. What i’m doing wrong?


Hello Andreas, you have to upgrade first before restoring. dp

Thanks for your reply. How can i do this on a fresh ROCK installation?

You have to log in, then you go to about on the settings page. dp

for this i have to disconnect the “old” server?

yes, you must switch on the new core. dp

Hi Guys,
I have a similar problem - just built a ROCK NUC, but whenever I try to restore the backup, it says no file found? I have tried a USB drive (plugged into the ROCK NUC) and a network location where the backups have been saved, but with no success.

I can see the file of my old Mac Mini and could restore from there, but not on the ROCK NUC - any ideas?

Help me Obi Wan Kanobe - I’m going crazy!


@mal_fl What version of Roon are you running on the NUC?

I just followed the KB instructions - it is RoonOS 1.0 (Build 157)?


Sorry I meant the Roon version, go to settings the about ( top right of the window)

Thanks Ratbert,

Room Version 1.5, build 334 (64bit).

It says it is the latest version?



@mal_fl Roon os 157 is not the latest, 158 is, see below, you should be prompted to update?

Attention, you are running out of power :wink:

It was lower than that before I plugged it in…2%!

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Thanks - how do I update?

It should be automatic as long as you have the NUC connected to the internet, if nothing is happening try rebooting the NUC?

Hit reinstall. It will reinstall the latest.

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@danny would having version 157 rather than 158 prevent the db reinstall assuming it was created on 158?

How easy is that!

Thanks so much - I can sleep now! (I’m in Australia)


Thanks! But btw, it would be best to mention this issue at the webpage … so that next users don’t need to find this forum page in order to make the backup work. Or else it should be mentioned at the webpage that the OS needs to be “reinstalled” before migrating the databased to the ROCK…