New Roon Staff avatars

There’s been a lot of talk lately about 1.8 and what have you, but I think we need to refocus on the important stuff - the new style Roon Staff avatars. These feature a portrait of the person with an intersecting small uniformly blue Roon jellyfish icon.

So far I have seen Dylan, Kevin, Norris and Rebeka sporting the new style. I can only think of two possibilities:

  • the new style is for customer facing staff only; or
  • it will be a general change and these are the most photogenic Roon staff. Everyone else needs a bit more time to touch up, airbrush and Photoshop their portraits.

If it is a general change I will miss the coloured avatars. Inevitably though as the company grows we run out of readily distinguishable colours.


Which would be fine if it were true. That ‘intersecting small Roon jellyfish icon’ however is purple. Purple!

Leaves one to wonder why I was not consulted.


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New avatars, depicting solidarity with the new corporate colour scheme. Purple!

Important update. Danny has kept his coloured avatar and added the bluish purpley icon. A new haircut growing out ? Time will tell.

Surely solidarity with pictures of people in circles. They aren’t just support technicians, they are support artists. :grinning:

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All Roon Staff have circles. 3 more have pictures. All look maddeningly young/handsome/beautiful.

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One drawback is that with the little avatars shown next to a thread no longer showing jellyfish, it is not possible to easily see whether a Roon support person has answered.

I thought Dylan was a new user who had a lot of complaints at first.

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Purple! Don’t panic, I’m sure the ‘Avatar Theme Generator V1’ isn’t too far away to rescue the situation.

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