New Roon - Update Questions

Hi All…

My Roon Nucleus arrived today with its 1TB drive pre-installed. Two questions:

  1. How long does a Nucleus software update take? I followed instructions for backing up to usb drive, connected the Nucleus and found the new core from my iPad. It said it needed an update, which I know is important to have same version on old and new core. I’ve been waiting over 20 mins and the update is still downloading…. It does not show any progress when I try to connect from iPad. I can still see the nucleus in my network. How long to wait before a power cycle?

  2. Any tips on the sequence of updating and moving files to the internal? My approach is to get it all working as it was…. Files are on my NAS. But then I plan to move files from NAS to internal. Those files are watched by both Roon and MacBook/iTunes, so I want to be careful on how I approach this… any tips on sequencing are appreciated

After the download, it takes a few seconds. It’s very fast.

It’s not downloading then. You using DHCP or did you make any static IP or DNS on it? Bad DNS is usually the #1 reason it cant download an update.

Go to the web UI, hit the reinstall button. After a download, it installs in seconds. Check your network settings if it’s not downloading.

Copy your content over first, then backup/restore the database. There are details here that I know we have a document about, I’ll let @support chime in for that so I don’t get those details wrong.


Thanks a bunch for the quick response. Great service!

So you asked about DHCP… yes I’ve heard of that, but no I hadn’t set up static IP… hadn’t set anything yet.

So I found the web based UI by google and clicked into it. That helped… it said the nucleus was good, up to date, on DHCP. But still the iPad nor phone would connect… they still said the Nucleus needed an update.

So back to the web UI and I forced a reinstall of the Roon core software on the Nucleus.

This worked….

Now I was able to get as far as restoring backup, but it does not recognize the drive. I’m only getting Dropbox or connect to a shared drive.

Ok… so maybe my usb drive (WD) is too proprietary…and the backup was in a sub folder… moving the backup to a 4GB thumb drive at the root as we speak… hopefully that works.

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