New Roon user in Apple universe - seeking confirmation...

I’m in my first month of using Roon. So far going great with this setup:

Core on a MacBook Air I5 (early 2015) 4 Gb - running only Roon maintained via sharing;
Music on a DIY FreeBSD/ZFS NAS 6 TB - music files just below 1TB - no streaming services;
4 Sonos endpoints all 1 Gen, 1 of those a Connect into a Yamaha R-N301 which is also “Roonable” via Airplay;
Chromecast on a Sony TV for the “Karaoke function…”
All connections are Ethernet via switches and WiFi 5G.
I’m using the Sonos endpoints single and grouped and I understand that the signal is reduced to 16 bit because of the limitations of the Sonos boxes. But I’m using the Connect with the Yamaha and use fixed volume and the optical connection - so according to Sonos I’m bypassing the internal DAC and using the DAC in the Yamaha which is capable of doing higher bitrates/sample freq.
But that is not going to happen within Roon when using the Sonos Connect as endpoint I think…

Not really a problem - I really like the fact that I can now use the FLAC music on the Sonos Boxes…