New Roon User - Macbook Pro as ROON Core - Do I need to turn on ROON everytime I open the MBP

Hello everyone,

I am a new ROON user and post all my research and community updates that I have reviewed, I have successfully loaded ROON CORE On a dedicated Macbook Pro that has literally nothing else running on it and I have reformatted it to just be available for ROON. Now I understand people that run headless have no option to click on ROON icons when the core machine is ON. So why is it that in the case of a MacBook Pro, I need to turn on ROON every time, I reboot the system? I understand that when the MBP goes to sleep, it has the tendency to turn off the core but as soon as I turn it back up, shouldn’t the core automatically turn on. Why do I need to go into the ROON app and turn it on? Can someone guide me or am I doing something wrong?

Is this expected that I will have to click on the ROON app every time I wake up the MBP from sleep? I know people are concerned about how to shut down the lid when the machine is ON and I understand that’s to do with energy saver etc. but I don’t necessarily care if the screen lid is up provided the core doesn’t shut off on it own and I have reopened ROON app for it to get started and recognized as a core to my other remote systems.

Appreciate your guidance, please.


Roon always has to be restarted after a reboot or after waking up from sleep mode, even on headless machines that are running Mac or Windows. These machines are left on and running 24/7. They don’t go into sleep mode. If they are turned off or go to sleep you have to find a way to restart Roon by using desktop share.
If you want to keep your Roon Core running you need to go into energy settings and set the computer to not go to sleep. You can still have the monitor go dark though. You will have to keep the screen open though because closing the lid puts the computer to sleep.

Something’s amiss here as you shouldn’t have to do this. I run Roon core on a Macbook Pro and, when the laptop is awake, Roon core is available to my endpoints, In other words, if Roon is running when the Macbook goes to sleep, it’s still running when it wakes. Clearly, unless you set Roon as a startup item, it won’t be running when you reboot, but it should survive a quick nap.

Same here. Running a temp core on my MBP until the new NUC arrives. MBP goes to sleep, so does Roon. MBP wakes up, so does Roon. Unless you force close the app, all should be running.