New Roon version and MacOS Monterey 12.6 Crashes all the time

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) - macOS 12.6.2
Roon version 2.0 (build 1182)
Music Library on 2TB APFS formatted usb drive

I can not keep roon app running ever since moving to the version, previously had no problem even with library on NTFS formatted SSD
App crashes constantly even idle

I do not use roon for the ARC feature, so no ports are open for external access
I do not know what is causing this version to crash, rebuilding library moving library does not seem to be the problem.
Anyone else?

Hmm my Roon Core is running on my 2017 MacBook Air which also runs macOS 12.6.2 Monterey.
My music is stored on an external USB 3.0 hard drive connected to the Air. I have formatted it as ExFAT. And no crashes here at all.

Are you connecting ARC, because I am not able to get ARC to connect since my router port forwading does not work right now seems to be with time the App is running it crashes in less than 10 minutes of opening no matter playing or no playing

I am running ARC as well. I have it forwarded through 2 routers.

I am trying to troubleshoot if the problem is related to ARC as in my house, I cannot open the router ports and get ARC to connect and being the reason for the timing problem with crashing the App on this Mac
Never had problems with the older versions for years same hardware and same computer but no ARC

Do you have multiple routers or just one?

If it’s just one then it should be looking something like this in the port forwarding rule, which you have to create yourself. You also may have to turn UPnP off in your router.

The IP address and the port number listed in my router matches the settings that Roon lists here for my Core

I would like to add that ROON is having from time to time a glitch hit or miss when you click on name of artist you get throw away on some other artist. I recorded video that shows what happens.

So I was able to get ARC connected. and so far so good no crashes playing much longer than before
Something to add that my MAC is configured to two diferent Networks. “wired and wifi” two subnets two routers. One network going to TP-Linkj Omada controller wich I can change the port forwarding ok

So disabled the wired network connecting to DSL Proprietary modem no port fwd there and now Roon does not crash , will update again after longer run. and next I will see if I can change MacOS routing to default to the Omada controller that is currently working
Will like to see Roon ARC working correctly on a multihome network.

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Time to update to 13.1 :slight_smile:

My problem has been resolved by setting the Port Forward for ARC on the Wifi subnet ip address and making it the highest Service Order on the MacOS Network making the wifi the highest default router path.
Roon Arc is enabled and my Mac is correctly on two networks
Hopefully Roon can fix the issue on their software the app should not crashed regardless port is forwarding or multihome computers

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