New RoPieee install - Micro SD card removal?

Ok, got it all installed and works like a champ. Does the Micro SD card have to stay in the Raspberry Pi? I removed it and the zone went away. Figured if the image transferred to the board the card wouldn’t be required. Did I miss something?

Think of the SD card as the ‘hard disk’ of a normal PC. While system execution on the RPi will be in RAM, the SD card must remain in the slot. Another reason is that whenever you reboot or the system is updated, the card is needed.

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@Andreas_Philipp1 Thanks for the quick reply. I put it back in and it started working again after resetting. Figured it was something like this but it was never mentioned in any of the directions. Just making sure I didn’t mis-configure anything.

I don’t think removing the card and putting it back now has any effect on the system configuration. If it boots up, it’s ok. Good luck!

No it didn’t. The configuration is the same. Good to go!

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