New router and now my core (Sonictransporter) not being found on my home network

I recently had to change my Verizon router. Qobuz via Roon does work and I can see and select Roon Ready devices but all of my music stored on the ST no longer accessible via Roon. Any help is much appreciated

Probably the new router has assigned another IP for ST. If you used the IP when defining the storage in Roon, then you must replace it with the new one.

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So your core is installed on the ST, Roon works and you can play music from Qobuz via Roon?
But you cannot play the files on the internal storage of the ST via Roon?
Have you rebooted your ST?
What does the storage setting in Roon look like? Maybe your internal storage got disabled?

Have you rebooted everything to pick-up a new IP address ?

My core in Roon general settings shows the ST with an IP address of

My ST IP address in new router is

How do I change this in Roon?

Thanks Steve

You have a few options:

  1. Change the ST IP address from back to in the new router. Usually routers have such a setting (called “DHCP Reservation” or similar).
  2. Set ST to use the fixed IP address I don’t know about ST and I don’t know if it allows this or not.
  3. Change the IP used by Roon to access ST from to Go to Settings > Storage > Edit > Browse.