New router - can't control Roon Core with phone

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10 Pro

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Asus AX5700

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Oppo UDP-203

Description Of Issue

I’m unable to access my Core via my phone which I’ve been able to do up until a couple of weeks ago. I installed a new Asus AX5700 router within a few days of the Roon update so I don’t know which is to blame but I suspect it’s the new router.

Using Roon on my pc, I can stream to the Oppo but when I open Roon on my phone, I get the, “Looking for your roon core” message forever. Another thing that I don’t understand is when I go to Roon > Setup and click on Configure, I get the “Searching for Roon OS Core” forever… I thought that WAS the Roon Core.

I’m a casual user so haven’t messed with any of this since my initial setup.


This is expected behavior. You obviously don’t have a Roon OS Core - you wrote that you have a Windows OS Core instead.

@BlackJack Ah, that makes sense. I still can’t figure out why my phone can’t find my roon core. I don’t see anything in the Setup other than Accept connects from remotes which remains set to Yes.

Check with:

Hi @MisterPotatoHead

Some Asus routers have an option called Enable Multicast Routing — Can you confirm that this is enabled in your router’s settings?

Can you confirm that the iOS device is connected to the main network, and not a “guest network” or something along those lines? In the past that has caused problems similar to what you’re seeing.

If there is still no change after this, can you confirm the IP address of the Nucleus and of the iOS device?


Hi @dylan

Thanks for the advice. Multicast Routing was not enabled so I enabled that and rebooted everything without success - still getting the Looking for your Roon Core message.

I’m on Android (rather than iOS) which is connected on the main network. There are no guests enabled.

I don’t have a Nucleus but my wired Win PC, which is were I’m running Core, is;

Android OnePlus 7Pro is;

Oppo is

fwiw, I can’t access my router settings from my PC via a browser pointing to (nor and but can on my phone. I called Asus tech support and they acted like if I can access it from my phone, there’s no problem. Perhaps it’s related somehow.


Hello @MisterPotatoHead,

Try the following: On the screen which says "Make sure your Roon core is powered on and connected to your network click the blue “help” button. Then enter the IP for your core.


I tried that IP multiple times without luck. Interestingly, when I closed and reopened Roon on my PC, Roon on my phone finally saw the name of my PC and then alternated between “connecting” and “connection failed” and then “Last seen xx seconds ago.”


Any other advice? I’m afraid I’m going to have to unsubscribe if I can’t get this to work.

Well it’s likely the router. Either you misconfigured it, maybe it’s faulty, maybe you joined a guest WiFi.
In any case I would seek advice from the router dealer, or return the device. Blaming Roon isn’t logic.

Hi @MisterPotatoHead ,

Are you able to install Roon on any other PC and verify if it has the same issue connecting to the Core? It would be good to confirm if the issue happens for multiple Roon remotes or just the Android one.

This does sound quite strange, you should be able to access the router configuration page on a PC, perhaps you want to try a different router or look into upgrading the router firmware.

Good idea. I installed Roon on my laptop and got the same results: “looking for your Roon Core.” I tried the 255… IP address and got no change.

I contacted Asus who gave me a different IP address for accessing the router via a browser on my PC so that’s resolved - but that was a side distraction. The Asus tech had never heard of Roon and couldn’t beging to offer a solution since he claimed that “it’s outside their scope of support” since the router is otherwise functioning properly.


@Bernd_Kurte I’m not blaming anyone.

Turn off Windows Firewall.

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Turn off Windows Firewall.

That did it! I added Roon to my firewall allowed apps and it’s back to normal. I don’t understand how a new router affected that but I’m happy it’s back.

Thank you.

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Firewall exceptions are needed for Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe

There were reports that Windows updates could accidentally affect the firewall configuration. Perhaps this happened about the time you changed the router.


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