New router. Great results

I finally got around to replacing my Verizon-supplied G3100 router (Verizon is a huge ISP in the USA)

New router is a TP-Link AX90.

Wow. What a difference. The improved router provided excellent ARC service for 2 hours of driving today. Significantly improved over the ISP router.

Roon was also able to auto configure ARC on the new router, something I had to do manually previously.

Upgrading your router may help if you’re having challenges with ARC.


aka The Spider :spider:

Good specs and I’m glad you’re seeing benefits

Good network equipment is half the battle I feel these days


Its good you have it going, but leaving upnp on, on a router even in 2023 is not recommended.

It’s all based on my personal risk appetite. This is a risk I’m willing to accept for the benefit of the ARC service.