New Router, no Roon!

I recently upgraded from a R8000P to an AX12 (both Netgear routers)
Using Rock on a NUC, files on QNAP NAS, and a variety of desktops, laptops, and smart phones as remotes… to play music to several Bluesound pieces, etc…

NAS and NUC are connected to ethernet ports of router, other devices are connected to a Cisco 2960G switch, also connected to the Netgear router.
Internet is Comcast/Xfinity.

Roon was working fine, now it is not. It has some trouble finding the core, and when it does, it disconnects in about a minute or so. all other devices arer rock solid on my network.

HELP!!! Was wondering if I should use my desktop as the core, get it running smoothly, then migrate it over to the NUC…

Did you replicate the settings from the old to new router?
IGMP routing especially.

I do not see any IGMP setting available in the router control software…

Googled it and…

Thanks-- I found it after I replied to you before. Not sure what settings I had before, not sure which ones to use now… I still have the old router, not sure if I can power it up in order to check the settings…

Please try rebooting both the new router and the network switch. I experienced a very similar issue wen I replaced a network switch and rebooting the router fixed the issue. Worth a try.

have rebooted stuff multiple times… apparently for me, MAGA now means ‘making audio go away’ lol
the nuc is running stablely, just cannot get it to stay connected to a share on my network

Sorry to hear that your problems have deeper roots. Good luck with a finding a solution in the very near future. I have now exhausted my trouble shooting knowledge and abilities. :grin:

Me too, apparently! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to help me. I hope none of my remarks came across as snarky - just trying to solve a problem, and never like confronting the realization that there are multiple levels of complexity/knowledge beying my current grasp…

Interestingly, I have both Tidal and Qobuz, aloing with one of my NAS drives connecting perfectly to Roon, running core on my dekstop. Maybe the NUC is “sick”…

As a test try connecting the NUC to the switch instead of the router.

It had been connected to the switch, and I moved it over to the router, and back a few times…

I may try again, but with an SSD boot drive, 32G of RAM, and a decent i% cpu, the desktop is doing well as a core, feeding other endpoints, but not using any direct connections to the dac for music playback. I should probably leave well enough alone at this point…

Of course I probably won’t, though!

In that case I’m out!
Know what you mean, I couldn’t leave it alone if it wasn’t right!

Did you previously set a static address in ROCK?

I can’t remember how I had it with the older router-I’d set it up about 2 years ago, it worked fine, and was an “out of sight, out of mind” thing. The new one I’ve set up both ways. My network skills are quite minimal, so I am not sure whether to set static or dynamic at the router or in the device IP setup pages themselves…

Well, this is kinda important. Likely, the reason nothing works is because core and control are not on the same networks after you changed router. People should leave dhcp to sort it out and save these headaches. Hookup your NUC to a keyboard and tv/monitor, hit enter, and type resetnetwork (no spaces between reset and network). Then try again.

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i use static ip for devices that needs to be accessed by a known ip-address but manage it by the router and leave every decice to dhcp. thats usually the default.
then i have only one place to manage and an overview about the network configuration.
in case you want to go with one device to a friends network you can plug it in without any problems. usually :wink:

Never, ever set a static IP directly from the device.

Set it in the router and when you do make sure it’s an IP not in the DHCP range or also set a Reserved address for it.

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This very much sounds like an IGMP snooping issue, play around with the IGMP snooping and mDNS settings if they exist.

Leave to dhcp… I agree with above comment it looks like IGMP snooping / multicast group issues / IGMP version issues.
As a temporary try, can you connect your NUC to one of your Router switchports directly by passing the switch…
if that doesn’t work, try connecting your Core to the 2960 along with the NUC… even if temporarily…
It sounds a bit hit and miss, and if you knew how to connect to the 2960 console you could see exactly what was happening… but I assume you possibly can’t, so try the Core and NUC into the 2960, and see if your Roon multicast groups spring to life.

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IGMP snooping is enabled on the 2960 by default.