New setup. Can't import from NAS

Just got the trial version.
Already frustrated.
I have set up the Folder pointing to my QNAP NAS and it imported only 104 albums… now the Roon just spins and spins…

Thinking I should restart Roon…

Restarted Roon. Now up to 300 albums but missing a thousand…

Hi sorry you are having trouble this is most likely down to your local setup, can you provide some more details as per I’m having a problem with Roon – where do I report it? which we help to diagnose the issue.

Roon Build 1.1
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Mac Mini 2012 2.3 GHz Core i5
8G Ram
USB to Ayre DSD DAC;
Music stored on QNAP NAS 212 Turbo Firmware updated 2 weeks ago
Everything is wired

Problem: I’ve created the folder path to show Roon where the NAS is;
It has been spinning for 24 hours and I still only have 303 albums from my NAS, including the Tidal recommended albums.
Missing a ton of my albums…

Great sound though, and great Tidal integration… I also have a bunch of duplicates as well as some double cd<s come up as 2 albums…


Do you connect to the NAS via SMB or AFP?

No idea… what’s better?

Just saw…SMB

12 days left on my trial. Still can’t load most of my albums from my NAS.
Can someone fom Roon help?

I’ll leave flag for @Mike to pick this up.

Hey @Bernard_Aubin – sorry for the trouble here. Let’s get some logs from you and I’m sure we can figure this out, and add some time onto your trial once it’s resolved.

I’m going to send you a PM now with instructions for sending logs over. Stand by!