New setup with NUC/ROCK

I like some advice on my new intended setup:

My setup now looks like this:
QNAP TS253A (RoonCore on SSD and music files on HD)–>ethernet/switch–> Bluesound Node2–>analog cables–>Cambridge Audio Azur receiver–>KEF R300 speakers

I want to invest in this:
NUC7i5(ROCK)–>ethnernet/switch–>Sparky/USBridge(RoonBridge)–>usb-cable–>KEF LS50W

I have 30k music files (and TIDAL), with 2k hi-res files. All cables are AQ Forest. I want to do this to get less boxes and more power for RoonCore, I am sure it will. But will it also increase the SQ? Or is this money wasted, since the current setup is fine as well (though Roon is a little slow on the remotes).


If ROCK is not a stretch for you financially then probably will see some improvements on searching etc. just because the CPU is that much better/faster and the SSD etc too.

I will manage financially :wink: Actually the KEF LS50W will set me back more!

Is MQA support something you are taking into account?

I lost count but TIDAL has 30K+ tracks right now and that was before Universal.

Well not really, I enjoy a cd-quality track just as much as a mqa-track. Besides i will probably not throw away/sell the Node2.
But i guess you are saying thet with a usb connection to the kef’s i have no mqa?