New Sgt Peppers metadata problem

Just downloaded the 50th anniversary remix from Qobuz. First CD is fine, but 2nd CD is mislabeled. The file in Qobuz and on my server seems to be labeled correctly, but not in Roon, so I assume it’s Roon’s problem.

I think it’s just that Roon doesn’t yet have the 50th anniversary edition, so the first disk is recognised as the normal CD, while the 2nd disk has confused Roon.

For instance, the first 5 tracks are all called Strawberry Fields, which isn’t on the album at all.

I think you’ve chosen the wrong metadata. From your description that is the first five songs of the Super Deluxe version with four CDs

fritzg, I tried to reidentify, but the new cd isn’t yet on the system. I’m not surprised - it only came out today or yesterday maybe. I think if I wait a week the metadata options will probably get updated.

@James_Newman I’m surprised it’s not there. It is there for that copy from Tidal. Try clicking identity and manually look for the right one.

that’s what I did.

actually, an oddness: I tried “reidentify” and the right cover flashed up for a second, then flashed away.
The first CD correctly calls the tracks “remastered 2017”. But 2nd CD still has wrong names.

I also rescanned, no change.

Interestingly I heard an interview with George Martin where he talks about Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane should have been on the Album but at that time The Beatles didn’t want to put singles on the album. He said that decision was the biggest mistake he ever made.

Now here’s another weirdness: I went into fix track grouping, and in there it had all the right names and such. I accepted, so it should have remade the album according to what it had there. But it didn’t. Very strange.