New songs not syncing in Roon after adding to iTunes library[Solved]

I just added a few songs to iTunes via Music service, and the songs are not being added in Room. I tried “force rescan” and it does not work. All the songs I had before were added just fine, so the folder is configured correctly. Please help.

Hello @Miguel_Palma_Diaz,

What do you mean under Music service Apple Music or iTunes store ?

Hello and thank you for your response. When I added my iTunes folder all the songs were added to Roon. However, after the initial setup, I have not been able to import the newly added songs in my iTunes library to Roon. I even tried to add them manually by dragging and dropping, but it didn’t work.


Would it be possible to upload a file or two that’s not importing somewhere like Dropbox, and PM me a link? If you don’t have a way to upload them, let me know - I can give you some instructions for sending these files over.


Thanks for the file. Now I see the problem, the file you’ve added to your iTunes Library is a DRM protected file or “protected AAC” (you can define it by extension which is .m4p) Roon can’t read such files.

That is the answer why it didn’t appear in Roon.

Thank you very much for your prompt response.