New sonicTransporter - should I put my music on it?

I’ve only been playing with Roon for a few weeks but love the user interface.
To try it out I installed Core on an unused Macbook Pro and pointed it to my qnap nas. I have about 1.4tb of music.

Realizing that this is not the best setup, I just received and installed an i5 sonic Transporter with a 2TB ssd. I was planning on moving my music to it, and just using the nas for music backup. Is there any disadvantage to doing this, vs. leaving the nas as the main music store and pointing the new Core to it?

Thanks a ton.

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I have a i5 ST as well with a 1TB SSD installed. Works great so I wouldn’t hesitate. I’m using an external HD from my desktop for backup but I can’t imagine the Qnap wouldn’t work fine.

Yes use it to store the music and then setup up the Nas to backup your library using the cores samba share of the music directory and have Roon do a backup of the core database to it to.

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