New SOtM sMS-200 Invisible to Roon

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock on Intel NUC Gen8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Direct Router connection to English Electric 8Switch hub

Connected Audio Devices

Router > Ethernet > Network Hub > NUC/SOtM sMS-200 Mini > USB > Meridian Prime

Number of Tracks in Library

500 Albums

Description of Issue

I have just purchased a brand-new SOtM sMS-200 Mini NEO SE. It is invisible within Roon, despite updating its kernel and software to the latest version. Roon is activated within Eunhasu.

My Meridian Prime is connected to the sMS-200 Mini via USB. Within Eunhasu, with Roon activated, my Meridian Prime is visible within Eunhasu.

Despite software/kernel update, and rebooting - and ensuring Roon is activated within Eunhasu - the sMS-200 Mini remains invisible in Roon itself.

My configuration is…

Roon Rock/NUC > RJ-45 > Network Hub > RJ-45 > sMS-200 > USB > Meridian Prime > Focal Celestee Headphones.

I couldn’t connect one of my PCs yesterday

Was a dodgy Ethernet…

My Meridian 218 and Meridian 210 are clearly visible in Roon, and are both fully operational.

If I connect my Meridian Prime directly to my Roon Rock NUC via USB, that too is fully visible in Roon and is fully operational.

My Router identifies Eunhasu as a connected network device, but the sMS-200 Mini NEO SE remains invisible within Roon (even though Roon is activated within Eunhasu).

Resolved. In Eunhasu, where my Meridian Prime is revealed, I had instinctively chosen Prime as the Volume Control.

That was the problem. On reading elsewhere in the forum, counter-intuitively, I then chose ‘fixed’ volume control for my Meridian Prime within Eunhasu. Instantly, the Mini Neo became visible within Roon as bridge with my Meridian Prime connected.

Now Prime shows as a zone (not the Mini Neo), as if there was a direct USB connection between my NUC and Meridian Prime (but without the ground loop/Earth hum).


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