New stable release?

Was looking at the web interface this morning its saying there is an update available. Nothing about it here on the main ropieee website. Whats in this update @spockfish?

I didn’t release anything. Are you on stable? Did you switch?

Can you send me a screenshot of the ‘information’ page?


Yes I am on stable and have manual updates set. I’ll send it out when I am back home. Maybe I missed a previous update?

heres the screengrab both units saying the same


Hmmm. You’re running the latest stuff.
Good news? I’ve got the same on one of my pi’s, so I’ll investigate.


ok @CrystalGipsy,

Fixed the issue with a hotfix. If you reboot your unit this will be corrected on-the-fly.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Thanks for sorting it.