New streaming device from Primare - the NP5

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Maybe something wrong on my end. IDK.

I really am selling my NP5 & NP30, Something quirky with AVF urls I guess.

Hopefully this url works… :roll_eyes:

This any good:-

Cheers, again (I am drinking some strong US IPA which may be causing problems :joy:)

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Not working for me. Someone else needs to try it. Maybe you have to be a forum member there. IDK.

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Not working for me either - and I am a member of AVForums…

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Thanks all, not sure how, or why, but my AVF for sale post is “gone!” It was working, for a couple of people, so I’m guessing I may have unwittingly transgressed something and been “moderated.” I’ll have another go!

It transpires that linking to AVForums Sales is “Verboten.” So my NP5/NP30 advertisement was removed.
Therefore Roon sales & Trades link = Primare 4 Sale

Are you using the NP5 wireless? An observation with mine was if using it wireless a poor signal results in 192 stopping or dropping out. Moving the device to a better position or changing output resolution to 96 fixes the issue. I haven’t noted any issues wired. I have only ever used it via the optical output.

Hey…nope, all wired to my network…in my case it must be or the cable(ordered a new $250 cable) or the Toslink connector in my Phantom(talking with Devialet support)…all these variables with Hi-Res sound it’s just tiering…I really just want to play my music… :slight_smile:

…meantime I’m also talking with Primare regarding a glitch with Airplay 2… :roll_eyes:

Hi guys.

Guessing this still isn’t Roon Ready?

@Terry_Medalen - could you confirm please?


Yes (I’m speaking for the prisma modul), we’re waiting and waiting…

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Thanks @Burkhardt_Petermann, I wonder if somethings up with their FW. There’s a really cool product they do called the SC15 that runs on Prisma too - it is a pre-amp & streamer but has WiSA out. This has real potential with modern Bang & Olufsen owners in two channel setups that can stream in lossless to high-end active speakers, cable free.

A lot of these guys are whole house Roon users though, so until it is Roon ready, I guess it sort of rules it out for them too.

I regret buying the Prisma module to my Primare Pre 35. Been waiting for Roon ready since January, and still nothing. Also, playing anything above 16/44 music stutters if ever so little. This is including MQA. These small stutters does not happen when I play MQA through Tidal. So I don’t use the Prisma. I use my computer/Roon core as endpoint, connecting with USB straight to my DAC module.

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Yep, still waiting… :unamused:

Fir the users of the Primare NP5 besides the Roon (non) support, is everyone having problems with the AirPlay 2 service…? I’m having all kinds of issues trying to use it with my AppleTV 4k… disconnect, doesn’t play sound for certain apps, completely unresponsive… anyone with similar problems? I reach out to their support, but no word so far…

It will be interesting to see if, in view of the policy decision by Roon, Primare will now get their act together and get Roon certification completed.
Their indifference, so far, has been lamentable so if they want to retain/maintain their reputation they have some work to do (I’ve written to Primare seeking some assurance that certification is going to happen).



The problem with devices from other big names with their own aspirations as streamers is that they appear to prioritise their own OS’s over Roon. So I’ve seen several fixes for Prisma issues over the months I have owned my NP5 but Roon operation hasn’t changed.


I have received a reply from Primare not particularly convincing but, written reassurance that the certification is in progress but there’s no date for completion. Don’t hold your breath :roll_eyes:

I’m way past worrying about it! I actually wouldn’t have minded if they did use the time they’ve had to try solutions for the Roon issues. But none of the updates I have seen since my purchase last November have addressed Roon in any way. I’ve since made my mind up to move on if they can’t find a way to do this promptly.

I’m streaming my Primare devices (PRE35 Prisma and I15 Prisma) via Chromecast with Roon. It works fine. I’m looking forward to the Roon update, which I know Primare is working on, but it sounds like I’m fortunate not to have any issues.

Hello guys, I am very satisfied with Roon on Primare I25 (roon ready via build in chromecast) Primare is great brand and with 10 years expirence I can say it!