New streaming device from Primare - the NP5

Just tried it for the first time since receiving the NP5 update and my Roon ready option has disappeared, even though I did apply for and get developer/beta status. Is this common to everyone else with an NP5 after the update?

Hopefully certification doesn’t take long…

  • partial false alarm as it still works via my work IPhone. For some reason they’ve only broken it on the Android Prisma App, which stops it connecting to the NP5 and via Roon Ready.

If a reboot doesn’t fix it you may need to flag this up to Roon. I didn’t apply for beta tester status so expected mine to die at some point. It is now connected via Chromecast which will do for now.

It doesn’t seem to be a Roon issue as after reconnecting to RAAT via my iPhone, the Roon android app sees the RAAT connection too, so technically Roon is all working again.

Its only the android Primare app that doesn’t see the NP5…I’ll be more careful with Primare updates until they update with Roon certification.

The hardware update should go hand in hand with an android and IOS update. That was part of the remit of the new coders PRIMARE brought in. New apps and Prisma firmware built from scratch.

To my understanding the old ”Primare app” app does not work anymore, you should use the ”Primare Prisma” app instead.

It also appears to be broken on IOS/iPadOS/Win10 as I no longer have “roon ready” access (NP5 chromecast & airplay still available).

I have reported the issue to support - NP5 Roon Ready option not available

For my NP5, I had to do a factory reset (Button in the back) and after that the “roon ready” access was restored and has functioned well after that.

I just unplugged the ethernet cable, plugged back in and access was restored.

Hi today I received an email from Primare with good news for NP5 owners.
I don’t own a NP5, I just tried to do some fact finding for you guys :wink:

Today we have just released firmware that provides Roon Ready capabilities to our NP5 Prisma, with the remainder of the Prisma family of models to be certified in the very near future. See the announcement at the link below:

Cheers John


Progress! Now I just need my Pre35 Prisma to get certification…


Thanks for the Heads-up, after 15 months we got there :yawning_face::yawning_face:

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… and now listed on Roon’s Partners page



I have a DAC Gustard x16.
It can make last unfold of MQA through coaxial input. (Rendering).
I made first unfold ( core decoding) in Roon and sent to Prisma NP5.
But the DAC shows that the Mqa stream is not rendering.
It is possible that NP5 do not have possibilities to send mqa stream with first unfold passthrough to DAC?
Or there is other reasons?


If you don’t get a response here you might want to try the Primare users group on Facebook. Terry from Primare lurks there and is very responsive.

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Obviously to pass MQA through the NP5 needs to be bit perfect. The settings that should facilitate that will be:
In the Primare app go to settings
Select audio settings
Select Native and 192kHz
If that doesn’t work for you then the NP5 may not be fully bit perfect. It may be stripping away the MQA information.

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Yes, you were correct.
The answer from Primare:
Mantas, thanks for the additional details, but in relaying those to our development team they have reminded me that the NP5 Prisma is a Roon Ready device, but not an MQA device, so is unable to transmit the MQA signal from Roon to your DAC, resulting in Master file playback from Tidal will be limited to the primary unfold of 24/96kHz. With the hope that helps to clarify the situation. Terry.

Please try direct connecting the X16 to Roon Core USB port.
And experiment with both “Decoder and Renderer” and “Renderer Only” MQA capabilities.

I’ve had the NP5 for a couple weeks now and it’s great to use ROON at long last on my main system.
Sound quality is very good using an Ares II as the dac.
My only gripe is that the design brief alludes to it being able to handle DSD. It does not.
There are no options on ROON or the prisma app to allow this.
Very disappointing

Strange. My little Allo DigiOne Player streams DSD64 (via DoP) and MQA over S/PDIF just fine (verified via the display on an iFi Audio NEO iDSD DAC). Not as attractive or compact as the NP5, but I’d be surprised if there was a significant difference in sound between the two.

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If you look at the NP5 it has a very specific role within the Primare ecosystem. Adding Roon capability brings that to them and conversely brings the NP5 to us. From there it simply becomes choice, and like the Nucleus, people have been known to choose solutions based on size, looks and plug/play capabilities.