New T+A Streaming DAC - DSD1024 HQPlayer NAA support on ethernet input

No USB endpoint/NAA required. Pretty cool.

Just don’t search for the price :grin:

How much could it be, I asked ?

Ummm, €23,400 (inc.19% tax) was one price I saw. That’s about 5 Spring 2s.

The NAA works off an Ethernet connection ? If so, you can take a microRendu and Matrix Audio SPDIF2 out of that price. Divide it by 4 after that and it’s nearly a bargain.

I’ll look into it if I win Tatts.

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I won $27 in the NYE Tatts megadraw… was so close though! :grin:

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What’s the specs of your HQP Server, upsampling to DSD1024?

And what are your fav HQP filter and modulator settings?